Board and Supporters

The Solutions Journalism Network is a nonpartisan organization committed to transparency and editorial independence. We do not support or advocate for any particular idea, model, organization, or agenda. As a non-profit organization, we receive financial support from foundations and individual donors.

Board of Directors

Dean Furbush, Chair, is the cofounder and CEO of Kitchen to Kitchen. 

David Boardman, Vice Chair, is Dean of the School of Media and Communication at Temple University in Philadelphia. 

David Bornstein, SJN CEO and Co-Founder is a journalist and author who focuses on social innovation. 

Marsha Cooke is the Vice President & Executive Producer of ESPN Films and 30 for 30.

T. Morgan Dixon is the co-founder and CEO of GirlTrek, the largest health movement for Black women in America. 

Barnaby Marsh, Board Treasurer, is the co-founder of Saint Partners and has privately advised many of the world’s most generous individuals on how to achieve greater philanthropic impact. 

Courtney Martin, SJN Co-Founder, is the author of five books, a blogger, and a speaker. 

Tina Rosenberg, Board Secretary, SJN Co-Founder and VP of Innovation, is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author. 

Trabian Shorters is a social entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of BMe, an organization that builds caring and prosperous communities inspired by black men.

2021 Annual Report

In 2020, SJN received grants totaling $14,753,615, many of which were multi-year commitments that carry into 2021 and 2022 as restricted net assets. This included a one-time, unrestricted grant of $5M from the National Philanthropic Trust. SJN received an additional $4,761,134 in new grants in 2022. From 2020 to 2021, SJN received two PPP loans totaling $1,095,767; those loans were fully forgiven in 2021.

Total expenses of $7,878,778 in 2021 increased by 6% from $7,449,795 in 2020; this reflected growth in headcount and related benefits. Additionally, SJN committed to re-grant $1,557,673 to newsroom partners and journalists, a decrease from $1,919,285 in 2020. SJN achieved a balanced budget in 2021 and projects a balanced budget for 2022.

Expenses by Program Area

2021 expenses by program area

Program Amount %
Practice Change 6,116,059 78%
Knowledge Dissemination 1,009,903 13%
Management & General 484,611 6%
Fundraising 268,205 3%
Total 7,878,778 100%

Expenses by Category

2021 expenses by category

Category Amount %
Salaries, Payroll Taxes and Benefits 4,604,449 58%
Sub-grants 1,557,673 20%
Professional Fees: Program 1,088,040 14%
Professional Fees: General 194,719 2%
Travel & Events 102,720 1%
All Other Expenses 331,177 4%
Total 7,878,778 100%

Major Funders